A fast and easy way to look at the current status of your Google Analytics account from an iPod or iPhone.

A fast and easy way to look at the current status of your Google Analytics account from an iPod or iPhone.


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Best For Edit

  • Google Analytics on the go
  • Monitoring traffic on multiple sites
  • Analytics addicts

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Quicklytics Reviews

Zach K.
No rating
over 3 years ago
Quicklytics is a third-party iOS...

Quicklytics is a third-party iOS app for accessing Google Analytics. I check it many times daily as it provides up-to-the minutes charts.

Zach K. · Director
  • Ben Z.
    Ben Z. · over 3 years

    Was looking for this very solution today. Just bought Quicklytics on your recommendation. It's simple, but solid. I hope they add GA's new real-time view to the app soon (if you haven't seen that yet, you've got to take a look).

  • Zach K.
    Zach K. · over 3 years

    @Ben -- Protip, for any given profile, click on the big chart and it will allow you to choose from most of GA's metrics to display.

  • Eduardo S.
    Eduardo S. · over 2 years

    @zach, @ben Hey guys, just found this page talking about my app, glad you guys like it. GA Realtime is not coming in the next version, Google is not currently making that data available for third party devs, unfortunately. Glad you like the app. Protip #2: press and hold the small charts to change what it shows. :)

Jeff G.
No rating
about 3 years ago
Did you know Quicklytics used...

Did you know Quicklytics used to be called Cracklytics? Lol, I can see why.

Jeff G. · Founder
Quicklytics: A Little App for Analytics Addicts | The Social Craft

Quicklytics: A Little App for Analytics Addicts | The Social Craft


Before I started this blog, I did not know the reality of Analytics Addiction. I would hear bloggers talk about obsessively reviewing Google Analytics and thought simply that they needed to get out more. I mean, I run a company blog and I’m familiar with GA. I’ve had my share of nerdy fun poking around and looking at all the numbers. But I don’t feel compelled to log in all the time. Now I understand, and I am similarly afflicted. My name is Cindy Meltzer, and I am an Analytics Addict. Hi,...

Santiago T.
No rating
over 2 years ago
Great analytics app, I have...

Great analytics app, I have been using it since its very first version and it's always being enhanced with new features and updated for Apple iOS new versions too. Totally recommend it!

Santiago T. · Software Architect

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  • Paid-license
  • $4.99

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  • Mobile

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