Discover the freedom of your personal cloud Sign up now. One place to store and manage all your files safely Find out more.

Discover the freedom of your personal cloud Sign up now. One place to store and manage all your files safely Find out more.


Ubuntu One Screenshots (4) Edit

  • Ubuntu One screenshot
  • Ubuntu One screenshot
  • Ubuntu One screenshot
  • Ubuntu One screenshot

Best For Edit

  • Photos & files on the go
  • Access everything from the web at any time
  • You can invite someone to share your files
  • Sync & 5GB storage free
  • The personal cloud that brings your digital life together
  • Photos taken from phone camera directly to your personal cloud

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Ubuntu One Reviews

Cristian P.
No rating
over 3 years ago
Ubuntu One solves most of...

Ubuntu One solves most of my digital painpoints. It lets me access my files from all my devices, listen to my entire music collection from my mobile phone, and automatically pushes all of the photos I take from the phone to my personal cloud and to the devices I choose. 5GB of free storage.

Cristian P. · Vice President, Online Services
Veronica d.
No rating
over 2 years ago
You can get up to...

You can get up to 20GB of free storage from Ubuntu by inviting your friends!

Veronica d. · Community Manager

Ubuntu One Blog » Blog Archive » Invite your friends and get more free storage

Invite your friends and get more free storage We’re excited to tell you we’ve just launched the Ubuntu One referrals program. Ubuntu One referrals are a way for you to earn even more free cloud storage by spreading the word and inviting your family and friends to join Ubuntu One. Starting today, you’ll see a referrals invite link in your Ubuntu One web dash. It’s super easy, just send the referrals link to all your friends and family via email or Twitter and Facebook. For each person you...

Pepito B.
No rating
over 3 years ago
I love the 5G FREE...

I love the 5G FREE storage space that syncs my Computers with my smartphone.

Pepito B. · Operations Manager

Alternatives to Ubuntu One

  • Time Machine icon Time Machine

    Time Machine is a backup utility developed by Apple.

  • Skydrive icon Skydrive

    Windows Live SkyDrive is a cloud-based storage service from Microsoft.

  • 7-Zip icon 7-Zip

    7-Zip is an open-source file archiver with a compression ratio higher than that of its main competitors.

  • Crashplan icon Crashplan

    CrashPlan provides online data backup, with free unlimited online storage for personal use, and remote backup and disaster recovery services for businesses.

  • Backblaze icon Backblaze

    Backblaze's remote backup automatically backs up your data to our secure datacenter.

  • MobileMe icon MobileMe

    MobileMe is a cloud-based storage function for easy access to music, files, and personal items. *MobileMe has been folded into iCloud, and will no longer be available for use by account holders.

  • Droplr icon Droplr

    File sharing. Droplr is the best way to share files from your Mac on the internet. Period.

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Pricing Edit

  • Free Version/Freemium
  • Music Streaming - Free 30 day trial
  • $3.99/mo or $39.99/
  • Sign up for 12 months and only pay for 10 months!

Works On Edit

  • Web
  • Mobile

Integrates With

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