Google Reader keeps you up to date on all your favorite sites' RSS feeds and organizes them or sends them to your email.

Google Reader keeps you up to date on all your favorite sites' RSS feeds and organizes them or sends them to your email.


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Best For Edit

  • Concise & quick retrieval of new or updated information
  • Reading all your favorite blogs and websites
  • Sharing to Google+
  • Reading offline
  • Customized news reader

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Google Reader Reviews

Katie O.
about 2 years ago
Google Reader is something I...

Google Reader is something I use daily, and I can't live without it. Being able to view the newest posts on my favorite sites in one organized location is essential, and really streamlines the reading process.

Katie O. · Freelance social media specialist, writer, blogger
Mark B.
over 2 years ago
Automating GR with content via...

Automating GR with content via ifttt, eg. market research sources

Mark B. · Content production
Jaemi K.
over 2 years ago
My default RSS reader. I...

My default RSS reader. I was in love with FeedDemon, once upon a time. But Reader just made it so simple to go web.

Jaemi K. · Web Support Associate

Alternatives to Google Reader

  • Pulse icon Pulse

    Pulse is a revolutionary news reading application for iPad, iPhone and Android that transforms your favorite websites into an interactive mosaic.

  • Feedly icon Feedly

    A fast and stylish way to follow, read and share the content of your favorites sources. Anytime. Anywhere!

  • NetNewsWire icon NetNewsWire

    Looking for an easy-to-use RSS and Atom reader for your Mac? You’ve found it! The Eddy award-winning NetNewsWire has a familiar three-paned interface and can fetch and display news from millions of different websites and weblogs.

  • Newsify icon Newsify

    Access your Google Reader subscriptions on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with an amazing newspaper-like layout. Features: - Offline reading including image caching - Fully customizable sync with Google Reader - Show only unread subscriptions and folders or all - Show all articles or just unread - Full screen article reading (tap text to toggle) - Pull to move between articles - Pull to refresh article list - Share articles with many popular services - Email articles or links from the app, copy links or open the original web page in the app or in Safari

  • Boxcar icon Boxcar

    Read Your Messages Where and When You Want Them. Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you're on the go or at your computer.

  • Caffeinated icon Caffeinated

    Desktop Google Reader for OSX.

  • MobileRSS icon MobileRSS

    With so many interesting articles and pictures on the web, it's a hassle trying to organize everything. MobileRSS uses Google Reader and a user-friendly application to make all those articles accessible on your apple devices.

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