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A few notes on office software:

  1. To create documents, drawings, and spreadsheets that you can access online, use Google Apps.

  2. If you like the idea of conducting a presentation that shows how ideas relate to each other, try Prezi.

Characters makes it easy for designers and developers to access special characters. They are easily found and copied to your clipboard, either as html code or as the character itself. Learn More →

Keep your entire family's schedule organized with Cozi. This award winning service syncs each family member's schedule across most devices and Outlook, and simplifies lists, meals and more. Learn More →

KiSSFLOW offers Google Apps customers a simple, quick and efficient way to automate workflow applications around their existing email user base. Learn More →


IcalledU is a call management solution designed to help small businesses manage inbound client phone call messages easily. Features: - Voicemail with transcription - Reply by SMS - Automatic... Learn More →


Bring productivity to a personal high by blocking yourself from the internet for any period of time up to eight hours. Start slow, then build your way upto eliminating excessive internet use. Learn More →


DailyDeeds is a simple and fun way to motivate yourself to perform the things you need to do every day. Whether it’s grocery shopping, dish washing, orchid watering, taking care of grandma or... Learn More →


What is Simple Sticky Notes? It's a simple, easy-to-use, absolutely free, fast and efficient note taking software. Learn More →


We developed Beesy as a business tool to manage day-to-day activities from a single application: Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppress... Learn More →


Softmaker free Office 2012! Softmaker changed things for Office 2013 thats why they released 2012 Office for free in dez 2012, . It comes as a full featured Office suit for all window including... Learn More →


Organize your possessions fast, simply and comfortably. Always maintain an overview of all your stored objects from the garage all the way up to the attic. Learn More →

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